• The major advantage of the new method of measuring time is to facilitate the determination of time and its calculations that we find in all formulas where time is one of the calculation factors, (physics, chemistry, electrotechnics, speed, energy, etc. .) with incredible mnemonic ease. Also think how it will facilitate the work of those who have to calculate the monthly wages of the various employees and the programmer who produced that particular software for wages, he certainly had significant problems in sexagesimal calculation operations.
    For example to sum two time values ​​to hours, minutes and seconds there will be no longer need to remember and consider the sixties (minutes and hours) or twenty-four (days).

    • Sum two times of:

      We'll obtain:

    • 6 hours 80 minutes e 70 seconds +
      7 hours 55 minutes e 50 seconds =
      14 hours 36 minutes 20 seconds

    Assuming that these times were in decimal you could write the mathematical operation also in the following way, and perform an algebraic sum with the decimal numbering system:

    • Obtaining the following result:

    • 68070 +
      75550 =
      143620 seconds
      1436 minutes e 20 seconds
      14 hours 36 minutes e 20 seconds
      1 day 4 hours 36 minutes e 20 seconds

    Calculating the difference between two times is equally easy, see the example above. Multiplying or dividing the time factors and other factors expressed in decimal (length or power) is just as easy and simple as any arithmetic operation.
    You can see the practicality and intuitive interpretation of the result obtained when calculating energy, speed and other formulas where time is a determining factor.
    If want to calculate how long it takes to make 41 laps considering that for each lap it takes 5 minutes, it would be enough to multiply the number 5 by 41 and we get a total of 205 minutes which equals: 2 hours and 05 minutes (you must always have the expedient to consider that the minutes and seconds must always be expressed with two digits even if they are less than ten).

    The adoption of the EURO as a European Community currency instead of the old LIRA was less traumatic than expected. After an initial unease, the euro has become the official European currency, very practical and useful for a unitary economy and for European tourism. This means that man can adapts easily to conventions when the advantages are evident.

    Even the new 10 base time representation and calculation system will be a discomfort at the beginning, especially for the setting of hardware and software equipment, but once everything will be adjusted, will remain only the inconvenience of people that instead of leaving the house to go at work at 8.00 the clock will mark 3.30 and will return home at 7.50 instead of 18.00. I do not find it an insurmountable discomfort. After a break-in period, the obvious advantages of this new convention for measuring the average solar day with the decimal measuring system will be appreciated.

    Meditate People, Meditate !!!! Meditate People, Meditate !!!! To facilitate the reading of the decimal time, the clock face can be made with the zero hour in the lower part of the dial, so that the lower part of the dial represents the night hours and the upper part the hours of the day with the "5" to represent noon!!!
    For an easier reading of the clock, you can also make the lower part of the dial dark to represent the night hours, and fade to white at the top to represent the hours of the day.
    The photos confirm that this theory was applied about two centuries ago !!!

Multiplying or dividing between time factors is as simple as any arithmetic