• Please notice all the units currently in use on our planet are conventional, including time measurement !!!
    My proposal is to reduce the hours in a day from 24 to 10, but most important to change the size of the "second" currently in use. The new second value will be 0.8640 times the current unit.

    There are many benefits and simplicity of adopting this proposal to measure the time of the "average solar day" in 10 (ten) hours, especially in the field of physics, mathematics, and in all the scientific disciplines containing the "time" factor in theirs formulas,

    An employee's current working day of 8 hours will equal approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes.
    All sexagesimal units of measurement related and analogous to time, such as: angles, radians and time zones could also be counted in decimal (base 10). This hypothesis is discussed in the "Correlations" menu item.

    Of course adjusting to this measurement it will initially be a significant discomfort. We had already few years ago an example of the issues we would encounter by reducing the hours from 24 to 10 in an average solar with the adoption of the European Monetary System and the introduction of the EURO as a single currency in Europe. A lot of fear and apprehension before the event, but then we quickly adapted.
    Another small example of discomfort we experience twice a year it’s when the standard time changes to summer time and vice versa.

    The inconvenience caused by reducing the hours of the average solar day from 24 to 10 hours will be initially traumatic but if all the precautions are taken and all the organizational variables analyzed we could easily implement it.

The new second value will be 0.8640 times the current unit